Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Clear solitude
Swallowing white rocks of no pain

Into an abusive doorway
Out of this bloody stomach

I thought the sand gave way
But a badge brought me back

21 hours and a women still awake
Waiting for my arrival
For my storey

A broken mother still asleep
The ripping hands inside me
I fight to keep

How can I break this news
When I have his marks on my chest
When I don’t want to lose

Clear solitude
Pumped out of me
Clear solitude
Trying to make me see

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

She says it’s all lower and I can’t seem to hold her
Just another blurry moment in her glass world
It’s slipping away, all the control that seemed to be my cure

Foot steps to the kitchen with a spilled trail of self abuse
His abuse
If she wants it’ll be her last taste
Her abuse

Foggy screen and fingers burning
I can still hear her sweat hitting my chest
What I thought was my focus
Wanted to be her final test

If I crawl into this comfort once more
If I put on that robe and clean the sides
I’d wish for her to be awake

If she finds that story she lost…
He’d still make it all in his mind

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Glitter falls from my finger
And I'm happier than you thought id be
Hands falling, yours to the floor
And I'm greater than you said id be
Diamonds in my eyes
I feel you weighing
Down for all your empty tries
Ive watched this die
Ive become your lie
And now I know I'm never what you said id be