Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i am burning. BURNING.
i want to turn you inside out and pour you down my throat
i want what is inside of you inside of me to push it down push it out wrap it around and around me and pull it tight
i want to break you open and see what's inside i want all of it
i want to spill you out on the floor and get in you on my knees i want you wet and messy and on me I want to tear at your magic like a beast i want you in my hair and slick on my skin i want you in my eyes and in my mouth
i want wild fistfuls of you pressed against my cheeks and i want to look in the mirror as you drip down my neck
i want to smell you and i want it to burn like like too much whiskey i want your rhythm in me slow and mean like an unfinished song i want you i want you iwantyou i'm fucking burning

i want you to turn me to gold because there is nothing else left